Is this time for ERP?

Inbal makes herself available a few times every week to speak to businesses who are busy making decisions about their cloud accounting solutions.

This service is best for businesses that carry inventory, import, wholesale or run light manufacturing.

This chat is free, so please respect the twenty minute time frame.

What people usually ask?

Will Xero/QBO work for me?

Xero and QBO great options. but they do have some functional and capacity limitations. Be informed before you get started.

Which inventory app is best?

Considering DEAR inventory, Unleashed, Cin7 or TradeGecko? Let's go through some questions and decide which one is best.

Should I consider ERP?

Is your accounting app bursting at the seams? Do you have too many apps working together? Maybe it's time for ERP, let's chat and decide together.

How to get ready for an ERP implementation?

Ready for ERP? The key is to have a good implementation partner and to be advised and prepared. Take away some points to get started.

I got a proposal for ERP, does it look right?

I've seen businesses save huge amounts by asking the right questions and properly managing their ERP scope. Be informed.

Should I go for custom dev?

Custom dev can do magic but it also creates with a liability on the business. Let's qualify whether it's right for you, and how to manage it best.

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How it works

I will call you at the time you booked.

This is a free chat, so please respect the twenty minute timeframe.

I will not sell you any services.

While I sometimes take on projects such as implementation or custom development, I am more likely to refer you to others who can do it, this is just due to capacity limitations.

The advice provided by Inbal is based on my experience, opinions and methodology developed over the years. There isn't always a right answer, and there are no guarantees.

I may tell you that I don't know, sorry, I don't know everything :)

I do get compensated by some of the apps I recommend. I make sure that this does not affect the quality of my advice, but you know, we've all got to make a living. I trust that you will apply critical thinking and make your own informed decisions.