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What Inbal Does




Inbal is a thoughtful and humorous storyteller who is skilled at explaining trends such as cloud technology, machine learning and AI with everyday examples that are easy to understand. People don’t need to become a data scientist, they just need to know when they can use one. Inbal is frequently told by her audiences that they can now solve much larger, more complex problems than they could before. 



 Inbal loves making technological concepts to those who can benefit from them. She is a ninja against the stream of IT jargon that has infiltrated business. Inbal’s corporate workshops, popular with accounting firms, give attendees everything they need to be conversant around the latest technology tools, when they should recommend them to their clients, and where to go to find implementation professionals. 



 Inbal specialises in IT strategy reviews for complex businesses that need help redesigning how their systems work together. Inbal’s background as a software developer, entrepreneur and technologist give her the skills to talk about databases and profit and loss reports with the same depth. Inbal can sit at the table with a business owner and staff in operations, finance and development and design a system that includes cloud software, ERP or custom development. Inbal can outline all the considerations and narrow it down to the direction that’s right for you.  

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